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Connect to the Land

We appreciate how much the land brings us, and we have a deep respect for it. We believe that we are all deeply connected to the land. Whether it’s spiritually or physically, we always show respect for our planet.

What do we do?

Simply put, we’re a large-scale gardener with a goal to keep the lungs of the planet healthy.

We create digital twins out of millions of hectares of woodlands, and we use that data to create carbon offsets. We sell those credits to big emitters – offset their carbon – then partner with indigenous communities to protect and manage the land. It’s good for the planet. Good for indigenous communities. It’s good for us all.

Our Impact

Real change over climate change

The world is changing every day, and we’re here to make sure that change is positive. At Carbon Ethic, we support the planet, the people, and the principles we all hold dear.

Who we are

A carbon conscious collective

We’re a dedicated group of humans who really care about the planet.

With over 97 years of forestry/ecological experience between us, we’ve been doing the green thing since 2020. We believe earth & humanity can do great things together, and we aim to prove that to the world.

Contact Us

Let’s talk carbon

If you’re looking to talk carbon offsets or learn more about our business, we’d be happy to chat. Fill out the form provided, and we’ll be in touch shortly.