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We’re on a mission to offset emissions.

Simply put, we are a large-scale gardener that works to keep the lungs of our planet healthy. We use cutting-edge technology to create the most trusted carbon credits in the industry. We sell those credits to big emitters, and we use that money to pay indigenous communities to protect and manage millions of hectares of woodlands.

Innovative Technology

See the forest through the trees with technology

We believe that technology can be a powerful tool for change. It allows us to create digital twins of forests, which in turn brings transparency and reliability to the offset industry.

Lidar Scanning

We use lidar scanning to create digital twins out of real-world forests. These virtual forests can be manipulated and studied in computer generated worlds with the influence of deep machine learning, neural networks and A.I.

Woodlands A.I.

Woodlands.AI is our powerful engine that’s meant to bring transparency and reliability to the carbon offset industry. It also allows for predictive modeling, accuracy in living carbon storage, predicting future impacts and accuracy in carbon sequestration.

Continual Updates

We don’t just scan our forests once and then forget about them. We’re continually monitoring and updating thousands of hectares of land each year. If anything changes in the landscape, it’s updated digitally.

Big Emitters

Big emissions? We’ve got bigger offsets

Big emitters are being mandated by governments to offset their emissions. Because of this, they are seeking trusted partners in the offset space to help them achieve their net-zero goals.

Net-Zero Goals

Investors and emitters are flooding into the carbon market as governments are mandating that corporations disclose GHG emissions. Because of this, many companies have adopted net-zero goals within the next decade.

Top-Tier Credits

Emitters need a trusted source for credits, and that’s exactly what we provide. We’re redefining the offset market by bringing transparency and quality at scale. Backed by cutting-edge technology and data, our credits aim to be the most trusted in the industry.


We are committed to customer satisfaction. We’re happy to provide consultation for companies looking to reduce and offset their GHG emissions. Our team is experienced and well-versed in the world of carbon offsets.

Ongoing Support

We’ve heard horror stories about carbon credit companies leaving their customers high-and dry. We’re not going anywhere. Our clients can rely on us for ongoing support and consultation.

Nature-based Solutions

Natural solutions for unnatural problems

Much like our own bodies, the planet has an incredible ability to heal itself. We believe in creating the kind of environment that will promote as much healing as possible.

Indigenous Partnerships

We partner with the rightful owners of the land and give them the resources to steward that land effectively. We give 50% of our profits to indigenous peoples to help their communities thrive.


If the planet is going to heal, we need to protect the forests that promote that process. A big part of our stewardship program involves the active protection of thousands of hectares of land.


We work with indigenous communities to manage their forests. This includes reducing hazards, restoring ecosystems, and maintaining forest health.


We can’t just protect and manage; we need to do more. Because of this, we work to actively rehabilitate areas of the forest that may have been damaged due to human activity, wildfires, or disease.