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Real change over climate change

The world is changing every day, and we’re here to make sure that change is positive. At Carbon Ethic, we support the planet, the people, and the principles we all hold dear.


For the love of humanity

We do this for the planet, sure, but we also do it for the people who live here. We are committed to creating positive impact for all of humanity.

Indigenous Partnerships

We partner with the rightful owners of land and give them the resources to steward that land effectively. We give 50% of our profits to Indigenous peoples to help their communities thrive.

Thriving Communities

When we partner with local communities, we help them thrive. The economic benefits help to improve the independence and resilience of Indigenous and local communities.

A Better World for Us All

We protect and manage thousands of hectares of land so that it can continue to pull carbon from the atmosphere. We help offset harmful carbon emissions by protecting the lungs of our planet.


Earth needs our help

The earth is hurting, and it’s asking for our help. Climate change is threatening this planet, and we exist to answer its call.

Climate Change

We fight climate change by managing and protecting the lungs of our planet. Nature has provided us with the tools to scrub carbon from the atmosphere and we make sure those tools grow strong.

Carbon Sequestration

By keeping thousands of hectares of forests healthy, we sequester massive amounts of carbon from the atmosphere. Our goal is to sequester 450 million tonnes of C02 by 2030.

Healthy Forests

Forests are so much more than trees. By protecting and managing thousands of hectares of forest, we are protecting the ecosystems that exist within the forests. We’re not just sequestering carbon; we’re protecting carbon life forms.


It’s our principles that matter

We aim to be the most trusted provider of carbon offsets in the world. We plan on doing that by staying true to ourselves and those around us.

Transparent Offsets

Our offsets are the most transparent in the industry. We create digital twins out of real-world forests so there’s nothing to hide. We’ll never pretend our offsets are anything but what we say they are.

Honest Conversations

Whether it’s with coworkers or clients, we believe honesty is the way we earn trust. We never shy away from tough conversations, and we face challenges head on.

True to Our Word

When we say we’ll do something, we mean it. There’s been a history of deceitful behaviour in the carbon offset industry, and we aim to change all that. When it comes to integrity, we plan to lead the industry.